Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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US Equips Indian Navy With”Live Video Feed” To Track & Destroy Chinese Submarines

The US and Indian Navy have joined hands to track Chinese submarines and other naval vessels operating in the region. As soon as the US detects a Chinese submarine or warship, the Indian Navy operating in the region will get intimated via the encrypted data shared by the US Navy. This will immensely help the Indian Navy to detect, track and destroy Chinese vessels in case of a conflict. An analysis by EurAsian Times.

The Indian Navy will also get the exact bearing and speed of the Chinese vessels and will also be able to receive a live video feed of the ‘Chinese target’ as well, as per secondary research by EurAsian Times.

Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System

The receivers equipped in Indian Navy vessels will be a part of US’ Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System (CENTRIXS) a system defined by the US Navy as a “collection of classified coalition networks” that aids combatant commands everywhere in the world. CENTRIXS is a backbone of secure tactical communication between US’ closest defence allies, including India.

The reason why India will get access to CENTRIXS is because New Delhi agreed to sign the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA), a “foundational agreement” that has the capability of dramatically change the way in which armed forces of the US and India work together.

From a defence technology viewpoint, CENTRIXS is one of the systems that empowers India and the US to fight together as defence allies since both sides would have access to a shared operational picture, a single common display which shows the position of enemy targets, friendly forces and other crucial data which can greatly alter the scenario of a potential conflict.

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