US-Iran Conflict Intensifies; Tehran Vows to Bring US to its Knees

The US-Iran Conflict is taking new turns each day and can well escalate into a war. Iran has blatantly stated that after the withdrawal of the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran would not give in to the demands and pressure asserted by the US. As the US threatens Iran to impose sanctions after pulling away from the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran says it will bring the US to its knees in the ongoing battle of wills. Will the US-Iran Conflict translate into a war?

Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran said that under no circumstances shall Iran concede to the demands of the United States of America. He said that Iran will continue to be victorious and the bullying powers will eventually realise that they dealt wrongly with Iran. He further added that Iran will continue to endure tough times but will protect its democracy and freedom without any compromises. He further accused the US of waging an economic war against Iran after it withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

He also talked about the economic crisis of Iran at hand. He said that as of now, the focus of the government in terms of the economy rests on job creation, elimination of poverty, production and the regulation of the market. He also clarified that his administration will not resign and continue to work hard in the interest of the nation.

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, the US has asked all countries to stop importing oil from Iran. China and India are among the largest importers of oil from Iran. Now after the US pulled out from the Iran Nuclear Deal, India has been in a dilemma over India-Iran trade especially that of oil. The US has directed all countries to stop all their oil imports from Iran by November 4 in a bid to isolate Iran’s funding channels.

The US officials stated that Indian companies will have to face the same sanctions as others if they continue to engage in sanctions areas of the economy. The US wants India-Iran oil trade to drop down to zero. The US officials explained that this is a part of the Trump Administration’s plans of isolating Iran’s funding streams.

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