Thursday, April 22, 2021

US-South Korea Naval Exercise Perturbs North Korea

US-South Korea naval forces began joint maneuvers on Saturday in the waters of the Korean peninsula with the participation of three American nuclear aircraft carriers Nimitz, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. This was reported by the South Korean Committee of Chiefs of Staff (KNSH).

Trump to North Korea : Don’t try or else be ready to face the consequences

“This is the first time when three carrier-based strike groups take part in naval exercises with South Korea,” the report says. The KNS also added that the purpose of large-scale maneuvers is “demonstration of force to contain” the North Korea.

US-South Korea Navy Exercise

The US-South Korea Navy Drills will last four days. Eleven American ships equipped with anti-missile defense systems – Aegis have also been mobilized to participate in the US-South Korea Navy Exercise. From the South Korean side, they will use three destroyers, of which two are equipped with Aegis and four frigates.

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The tension on the Korean peninsula has escalated because of the active development of the North Korean missile and nuclear programs, as well as military maneuvers of the United States and its allies in the region.

In July, North Korea twice tested its ballistic missiles, on August 29 and September 15, and carried out two more rocket launches which flew over the territory of Japan. The UN Security Council implemented stiff sanctions on North Korea, while the US is pressing China to do more to squeeze North Korea.

North Korea shaken up after US bombers fly over its region

US-South Korea defense partnership is getting stronger and thus are actively conducting numerous joint military exercises, which irritates Pyongyang.

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