US Ready to Strike Syria if the UN Fails to Achieve Ceasefire in East Ghouta: Nikki Haley


The US is willing to attack Syria again if the United Nations (UN) fails to accomplish a ceasefire in the East Ghouta region. This ultimatum was made on Monday by the US Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, at a meeting of the Security Council. Earlier, the US delegation circulated a draft resolution with a call to suspend military operations in Damascus and its suburban areas.

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Haley recalled that in April 2017, the United States struck at the air base of the Syrian government forces, which, according to Western countries, flew airplanes to carry out a chemical attack in the city of Khan-Shaykhun. “The UNSC was unable to act, and the United States successfully attacked the air base from which Assad conducted his chemical attack, and today we repeat that warning,” Nikki Haley added.

She expressed support for the efforts of the United Nations to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Syria, as well as the political process under the auspices of the world organization in Geneva, but also warned nations that “seek to force their will by committing chemical attacks and human suffering.” This was a direct reference to the Syrian regime by Haley.

“The United States is ready to act if it is necessary, it is not the path that we prefer, but this is the way that we will have to choose and We are ready for it: Haley

A New Draft Resolution from the United States

As reported earlier by Reuters, the US has submitted a new draft resolution to the UN Security Council which requires a 30-day truce in Damascus and its suburbs of East Ghouta. In the draft document, UN Secretary-General António Guterres is prompted to urgently develop proposals for monitoring agreement with the proposed ceasefire.

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As stated by Nikki Haley, the enactment of this document is vital, since the resolution on the establishment of a 30-day humanitarian ceasefire, approved by the UNSC has not reached its purpose. Haley directly blamed Damascus and Moscow, which, she said, did not intend to implement the resolution on the pretext that it allows continuing counter-terrorism operations. “In the past two weeks, the Russian and Syrian regime have been very busy with labeling every opponent group in East Gouta, calling them terrorist organizations,” she said.

“We have prepared a new draft resolution for a ceasefire in Syria which does not leave any loopholes, it is simple, straightforward and binding.” The resolution will enter into force immediately after adoption, and there are no counterterrorism loopholes that may be used by Syria, , Iran or Russia, “- concluded Haley.

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