‘Incredible India’ Roadshows Vying To Attract US Tourists towards India

As a part of the strategy to attract more US Tourists in India, the Indian government organised ‘Incredible India’ roadshows in 4 different US cities. The roadshows were held in New York, Houston, Chicago and St Louis between June 18 and June 22 to encourage the visit of US tourists in India. These roadshows exhibited India as a must-visit destination for the citizens of the US and also assured tourists of their safety.

An Indian official during the roadshow in Houston stated that India looks to double the number of US tourists in India in the next 3 years. He further stated that a visit to India isn’t just about a vacation but rather a lifetime cultural experience that makes mind and soul more affluent. During these roadshows, travel enthusiasts were made to digitally walk through the fascinating tourist destinations. They were also informed about travel alternatives through travel experts.

The Minister of State for Tourism in India stated that in 2017 there were 1.37 US tourists in India while 1.25 million Indians had visited the US. He further emphasised the fact that the US is India’s biggest partner in tourism. He also highlighted the major tourist attractions in India and the rejuvenating experiences which attract a plethora of foreign tourists each year.

Minister assures the safety of US tourists in India

The Indian minister also assured the safety of US tourists in India. The minister said that India happens to be one of the most secure nations across the globe. He added that the number of tourists from world over is increasing and many tourists are travelling alone to India for they consider it to be a safe travel destination. Now it remains to be seen if these roadshows could actually push the presence of US tourists in India. The strategy looks innovative but the results remain to be seen.