US Special Forces Collaborating with ISIS – Russia

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has published an aerial survey of the areas of deployment of terrorist group Daish (also called ISIS or Islamic State) in Syria, where we can see a large number of American armoured cars such as Hummer, which is in service with US special forces.

Who Funds and Trains the Islamic State or ISIS?

“With the help of aerial photographs that were made during the period from September 8 to September 12, 2017 in the areas of deployment of armed units of the Islamic State, a large number of American armored vehicles such as Hummer, which is in service with the US special forces, were recorded,” the report said on the Defense Department’s Facebook page.

It is noted that the pictures clearly show that US special forces are located in strong points, previously equipped with ISIS fighters. At the same time, there are no traces of assault, clashes with terrorists or craters from the attacks of the American coalition around these facilities.

The US Armed Forces are in the areas of the current deployment of the ISIS Militia, which can only mean that all US servicemen who live in the area held by terrorists feel completely safe and secure, “the Russian Defense Ministry said.