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Vladimir Putin Orders Military Withdrawl from Syria



Russian President Vladimir Putin, who visited the Khmeimim Airbase in Syria, instructed the Defense Ministry to prepare for the withdrawal of the Russian defense forces from Syria.

Vladimir Putin addressing the defense personnel said: “I order the Minister of Defense, the Chief of the General Staff to withdraw all the Russian troops from Syria. President Putin emphasized that the Russian armed forces, collectively with the Syrian army, defeated the Islamic State militants who have been ruthlessly operating Syria.

Iran, Russia Will Completely Eliminate Terror in Iraq and Syria: Ali Larijani

President Vladimir Putin added: “In this connection, I made a decision: a significant part of the Russian defense personnel in the Syrian Arab Republic will return home to Russia,” “You are returning with an astounding victory back to your native homes, to your relatives, parents, wives, children, friends.” The Motherland is waiting for you, friends. “Good luck, thank you for your service,” said Putin

85% Syrian Terrority Cleared from Terrorists: Russia

The President said that Russia would launch a new, even more, ruthless blow to terrorists, if they again try to play with the peace in Syria. “If terrorists raise their heads again, we will strike at them with such blows, which they would have never imagined ” affirmed Putin

Fight Against Terrorism Will Continue: Vladimir Putin

“We will never forget about the sacrifices that we have incurred in the fight against terrorism both here in Syria and in Russia,”. “But this will not force us to lay down our hands and retreat, it’s not in the nature of Russian people, on the contrary, this will give us additional strength to completely eradicate international terrorism, said Vladimir Putin

The President complimented the servicemen of the Russian Federation for an excellent victory over the terrorists. “The task of combating Islamic State Militants here in Syria, the task that had to be resolved with the large-scale use of armed forces, has been largely accomplished, and brilliantly accomplished,” he said. “Congratulations!” – Putin addressed to the Russian servicemen.

US Special Forces Collaborating with ISIS – Russia

“Our armed forces, the defense industry enterprises have shown the growing might of the Russian army and navy, the high combat effectiveness of units” Pilots, sailors, special operations forces, intelligence, military personnel, military police, medical service, advisers to the Syrian the armies showed the best qualities of a Russian soldier: courage, heroism, cohesion and determination, brilliant training and professionalism, stressed Vladimir Putin




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