Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Will Italy Be The First European Nation To Scrap Anti-Russia Sanctions?

Will Italy be the first European Union nation to remove anti-Russia sanctions? Italian interior minister said that Rome shall address the question on anti-Russia sanctions by the end of this year. This statement from the Italian minister followed up the European Union’s announcement of extending the anti-Russia sanctions till January 31, 2019.

The US and European Union imposed sanctions on Russia in 2014 after accusing it of being involved in a military uprising in Ukraine. Russia was quick to deny any such allegations and slam counter sanctions which banned imports of agricultural goods, raw materials, and foodstuff. Since then the nations in the European Union have been at loggerheads with Russia on different issues. Since then both the sides have extended sanctions and counter-sanctions multiple times. Will Italy break the ice?

The embargo on the import of foodgrains from European nations gave a great push to the domestic foodgrain industry in Russia. Russia has now emerged to be the world’s largest exporter of food grains.

At a press conference in Moscow, the interior minister said that in his opinion sanctions do not benefit anyone including the Italian economy as well. He said that the anti-Russia sanctions form an ineffective policy and Italy will raise the issue of reviewing such an ineffective policy at Brussels. The minister further highlighted that Italy and Russia have already returned to good relations in terms of culture, security, trade, and cooperation in industries and economy. The minister also told the media that in October, Russia and Italy may hold bilateral talks based on the feasibility of cooperation between Russian farmers and the Italian farmers.

As per the minister, Rome wants that Italian businessmen shall work with the firms in Russia. The minister also called upon for a larger and more balanced cooperation in security between the two nations.

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