Sunday, April 11, 2021

With Eye On China, India and Japan To Sign Agreement On Naval Defence And Cooperation

India and Japan will ink Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) towards the end of the year post which the two nations will start extending logistical support to each other’s Navies. This agreement is highly vital for bolstering defence cooperation between the two nations which have strategic importance for each other’s security ambitions amid rising challenges from China. The agreement will be finalised during the first-ever 2+2 dialogue between India and Japan

First-ever 2+2 dialogue between India and Japan

Towards the end of the year, India and Japan will indulge in 2+2 bilateral dialogue at foreign and defence ministerial levels. The Indian defence minister, Rajnath Singh was recently in Tokyo and Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement was on the agenda of the bilateral talks held between India and Japan.

The 2+2 dialogue between India and Japan will focus on building a strategic environment in the Indo-Pacific, defence cooperation, joint defence ventures and joint military exercises in order to deepen bilateral ties.

The venue of the 2+2 dialogue is yet to be finalised but it is likely to be held in India. As stated by the sources, various Japanese companies are looking for opportunities in the Indian market to get their hands on various defence projects.

India and Japan will also be participating in a trilateral maritime exercise with the US. This exercise, MALABAR 2019 as it’s called is scheduled to be held between September and October. India and Japan also plan to hold regular bilateral maritime exercises on a regular basis to keep promoting the harmony in bilateral ties.

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