Yemen Conflict Coming To End; Truce Possible: Russia

Russia believes that Yemen Conflict is coming to an end and achievement of a universal truce in Yemen is the main task after the inter-Yemeni consultations were held in Sweden. This was announced on Friday by Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya, at a meeting of the Security Council.

“We want to believe that, in the light of the agreements reached at Stockholm, we are entering a new phase in resolving the Yemeni conflict,” he said. need some form of help.” “We call for further joint work in the interests of the Republic of Yemen,” Nebenzya said.

On December 6-13, consultations were held near Stockholm to resolve the conflict in Yemen. The parties that met for the first time in two and a half years signed an agreement on the exchange of prisoners and handed each other lists of prisoners. This process is planned to be completed by January 20, 2019, if there is no disagreement between the warring parties again.

During the consultations, the government of Yemen and the rebel Ansar Allah movement reached a ceasefire agreement in the port of Hodeidah. On the issues of the functioning of the airport in Sanaa and the consolidation of the national bank, the parties have not yet managed to come to an agreement.

In Yemen, since August 2014, the confrontation between the government forces and the armed rebels have continued. It moved to the most active phase with the invasion in March 2015 of a coalition led by Saudi Arabia. As the UN has repeatedly stated, the conflict has led the country to the gravest food crisis in the modern world.

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