Yemen War: Iran Urges International Community to stop Saudi’s Actions in Yemen

Iran has called out to the global community to put an end to the Yemen War. Iran has emphasised on the need for the international community to intervene in the Yemen crisis and stop Saudi Arabia from waging war on Yemen. Iran asserted that the international forum must confront Saudi Arabia whose attacks on the Hudaydah port have put Yemen on the brink of a famine. The Yemen war has been on since 2015. 

The Foreign Ministry in Iran informed local media that it is negotiating with regional and European governments to provide humanitarian aids to those affected by the Yemen War. The Foreign Ministry further stated that that the international community must sympathise with the conditions of the people of Yemen in the Yemen crisis and the United Nations among other international organisations must intervene.

Iran strongly asserted that the Yemen war which is suppressing the people of Yemen must be brought to an end and international organisations must make enough efforts in this direction to stop Saudi’s offensives on the Hudaydah port.

The Significance of the Hudaydah Port in Yemen War?

The Hudaydah port is of immense significance to Yemen. This is the port where almost all the humanitarian aids arrive in Yemen. It is the lifeline for a large fraction of people of Yemen and with the Hudaydah port under attack as much as 8 million people are now fearing a famine situation. The Yemen war inflicted by Saudi and the blockade has left 22 million people striving for humanitarian aid. This situation has led to the world’s greatest food crisis which has augmented with a cholera outbreak to make things even worse.

The Yemen Crisis has been on since 2015. Yemen is under constant attacks from Saudi Arabia and its allies since 2015. This Yemen war driven by Saudi Arabia is aimed at restoring the previous government in Yemen which was ‘pro-Saudi Arabia’ in nature. The Yemen crisis has killed and injured more than 60000 people so far as per official figures released by the health ministry of Yemen.

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