United Nations Blames Saudi Arabia for Murder of 372 Children in Yemen War

The annual ‘Children and Armed Conflict’ report by the United Nations has held Saudi Arabia responsible for most child deaths in the Yemen War. The United Nations has said that during the Yemen Crisis, Saudi Arabia led coalition has killed 370 children in air strikes in Yemen. A total of 552 children were killed in Yemen during the Yemen War. 

This report of the United Nations was compiled by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and submitted to the United Nations Security Council. The report underlines the fact that in total 1316 children were killed and injured in Yemen in 2017. The Yemen War has been ongoing since 2015. Saudi Arabia and its allies have been attacking Yemen constantly since then to restore the previous government regime in Yemen.

The United Nations  ‘Children and Armed Conflict’ report claimed that the Saudi led coalition is responsible for 370 child deaths and inflicting injuries on 300 children in 2017. The UN report also highlights the scenario of child recruitments. The report alleges the Saudi led coalition as well the rebel forces of recruiting 842 child soldiers. Most of these children lied in the age group of 15 to 17 and were fighting as ranks of the Houthi Militia.

Chil soldiers were also recruited by the Yemen forces during the ongoing Yemen Crisis. The report states that 105 child soldiers were recruited to the Yemen forces. Also, 142 soldiers were recruited to the Security Belt Forces which is a Militia of UAE.

As reported earlier by EurAsian Times, Iran has called out to the global community to put an end to the Yemen War. Iran has emphasised on the need for the international community to intervene in the Yemen crisis and stop Saudi Arabia from waging war on Yemen. Iran asserted that the international forum must confront Saudi Arabia whose attacks on the Hudaydah port have put Yemen on the brink of a famine. The Yemen war has been on since 2015.

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