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Aegis Missile Defense System: The US Missile Shield Deployment in Japan Threatens Russia’s Security



The Aegis Missile Defense System is a global defense system with a dual-purpose capability and potential. The deployment of the Aegis missile defense system is expected to bring components to Japan, and Russia has expressed a threat to its security if this happens. The Aegis missile defense system in Japan will poorly impact the regional affairs and national security for Russia.

The Russian FM, at a recent press conference, spoke about the threat to Russia with the US missile shield, Aegis, being deployed in Japan. Ever since news about Tokyo approving the US missile shield deployment with the US has surfaced, Russia is actively speaking up against it.

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Aegis Missile Defense System Expansion Disrupts Larger Security Needs

A Russian diplomat pointed out that while any country is free to choose its security measures, it must not come in the way of the security needs and measures of another country. With Japan planning to acquire the Aegis Missile defense system, as a security measure against the surging threat from North Korea, Russia believes this move actively rattles a global balance for power and may increase the threat for Russia.

While Tokyo has stated that complete control of the acquired Aegis missile defense system would lie with Japan, Russia fears that the US may assert operational control over it.

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The Aegis Missile Defense System is not the First of its Kinds Threat

Similar to the criticism over the Aegis missile defense system by Russia, the deployment of the THAAD by South Korea was equally condemned by the country, as well as Beijing. According to Russia, both these systems are nothing but an expansion of the US control and missile system.

As a response to the increasing threat, the Defence ministry of Russia has earlier stated that around four hundred anti-ballistic missiles will encompass Russia, creating an anti-missile shield. Such anti-missile shields have already been placed in the US in California and Alaska.

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