Thursday, April 22, 2021

Is China Paying Baloch Militants in Pakistan for Not Attacking the CPEC?

Are the Chinese authorities in direct talks with the Baloch Militants in Pakistan to protect the CPEC Project. As per reports, the Baloch Militants are said to be receiving financial support from China to secure the CPEC project. So why is China paying the Baloch Militants and not directly securing the CPEC?

As reported in a Pakistani daily, Dawn, Beijing has been directly in touch with the Baloch militants for over 5 years to secure one of China’s biggest infrastructure project, the CPEC. This has also been reported by the Financial Times. It is said that three officials who know of these talks have reported China’s relationship with the Baloch militants, regarding the CPEC.

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The Baloch Militants Are Critical to China’s Power and Politics

For many decades now, China has stood by its non-interference policy when it comes to the domestic political issues of other countries. But with the waging on of the BRI to create a new trade and economic route to Europe, Asia and Africa, the policy to stand back is being tested. China has invested billions of dollars in this project and it is taking matters in its own hand to protect and secure the same.

The Daily claims that the talks between China and the Baloch militants is welcomed, although the exact details of the talks are unknown to them. The peacekeepers from China are stationed in South Sudan, Mali and are even believed to be destroying the IS group in Iraq. These are all the places where China holds a significant foreign investment. However, in Pakistan, after the US took a step back at Pakistan’s failure to deal with terrorism, China has filled in the place.

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The Lying Down of Baloch Militants is a Mutual Gain

Both Pakistan and China will benefit if the Baloch militants lay low. According to another daily, the recent US decision t cut security ties with Pakistan, has strengthened relations between Pakistan and China as security allies. A Chinese official also confirmed that the Baloch militants were not seen as a threat to the CPEC anymore. A tribal leader from one of the province confirmed that young men had been promised financial aid in the exchange of laying down their guns and supporting peace.

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