Friday, February 26, 2021

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Drunk Security Forces Molesting Kashmiri Women In Night Raids – Media Report Claims

As the entire world is looking at Kashmir in a state of lockdown amid accusations of human rights violations by India, news of atrocities by the local police in the Kashmir valley are doing rounds on the internet.

In a new incident reported by media, the local women of Rainawari in the capital Srinagar have accused the local police led by an SHO of unleashing gruesome atrocities and terror on people, especially women.

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Local Police Blamed of Abuse and Repression

Women in Jogi Lanker region of Kashmir have narrated their ordeals of horror, repression and abuse inflicted on them by local policemen. These localities apparently have become victims of ‘reign of terror’ being endorsed by the local police led by Station House Officer Rashid Khan.

Natives of the region have alleged police of misusing its powers and assaulting innocent people in the name of raids.

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Drunk SHO Assaults Women In Midnight Raids: Local Citizens

According to locals, policemen in the downtown neighbourhood have ransacked their homes, sabotaged household goods and have mistreated women living in the locality.

The females stated that Rashid Khan, the SHO raids houses around midnight in a drunken state and particularly targets women and spreading fear amongst the local residents. A woman further accused the SHO of passing lewd and filthy comments against women and even assaulting disabled females.

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The entire area is surrounded by barricades and the entry and exit points of the neighbourhood have been covered with check posts by the security forces. Not only this but people from some areas in and around Srinagar are completely barred from any movement. The locals also alleged that security forces restrict the movement of men but ask women to leap over concertina wires.

Ever since the declaration of abrogation of Article 370 and the bifurcation of the state, Kashmir has been locked down in heavy restrictions and continues to be one of the most militarized zones in the world.

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