Thursday, April 22, 2021

How Growing China-Russia Ties Directly Impact India-Pakistan Relations?

Should India be bothered by growing Russia-China Relations? Russia and China recently concluded what is described as the largest military exercise since the fall of USSR. Many observers in the West see these manoeuvres as a collaboration between Russia and China against the United States. But how does Russia-China Relations impact India’s relations with Pakistan? 

It is being said that the trade war against China and the economic sanctions against Russia are bound to get Beijing and Moscow on the same platform against the US. Both the countries were at odds in the 1960s and 1970s, however gradually started to grow closer during the penultimate years of Soviet Union.

After World War II, the two countries have used Veto Power several times to stop the United States and its allies in the UN Security Council. Both Russia and China have come to the forefront that would keep the world multi-polar. In the Middle East, when the US is tough on Iran, then both Russia and China introduce a generous approach. Russia and China have the same thinking on all major issues all over the world including Syria, Libya, North Korea etc.

However, there is a buzz of a conflict of interests of both the countries in Central Asia. It is being said about China that its influence in Central Asia is growing rapidly and will affect Russia’s interests. However, it is now being said that both Russia and China are working together in Central Asia to combat the US.

The friendship between Russia and China is not natural and traditional. There are bitter memories of centuries of distrust and conflict between the two countries. In 1968, there was a military conflict between the two countries. However, the two countries settled the boundary dispute of over 4000 kilometers in 2000.

The two countries had formed an organization called Shanghai-5 in 1996, which later became the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Through the stage of this organization, the two countries resolved the border dispute through negotiations.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the whole world wondered how political, economic, military, and strategic relations between Russia and China would shape up. Of course, there was no doubt about India’s mind as India was already close to the Soviet Union. It was natural for India to come closer to Russia.

The fear of India was that if Russia and China came together then it would be a major blow to Delhi. Pakistan has been an evergreen friend of China and as China’s friendship with Russia progressed, Russia’s approach towards Pakistan also softened. Now the situation is such that Moscow is not only apprehensive of criticizing Islamabad, but it has also started to supply sophisticated weapons to Pakistan, something which has made India both anxious and angry.

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