Sunday, January 17, 2021

Hafiz Saeed a Declared Terrorist; Has Pakistan Succumbed to US-India Pressure?

Hafiz Saeed, who has been ‘protected’ until now, has been finally declared as a terrorist. Pakistan has not officially banned Hafiz Saeed linked JuD and FIF. Did Pakistan ban Hafiz Saeed led foundations after multiple warnings from US and India?

A new ordinance has been passed in Pakistan that bans Hafiz Saeed linked terror groups and foundations. After multiple allegations by other countries that stated Pakistan was aiding terror groups within Pakistan, this has come as a great surprise for the rest of the world.

Did FATF lead the Hafiz Saeed decision?

According to a Pakistani daily, Dawn, the decision to ban Hafiz Saeed linked groups has been announced just a few days before the FATF meeting, in Paris. A report states that a US-India joint effort is attempting to put Pakistan in the ‘grey list’ of FATF under financing terror groups and money laundering. Thus, this new anti-terror ordinance seems to be an effort to ‘clear its name’ and present a clean slate before the Financial Action Task Force meeting.

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FATF has been evaluating Pakistan’s records on Financing terror groups and this US-India attempt may have led to this decision on Saeed. According to the ban the President of Pakistan announced an immediate action to be taken to stop all terrorist groups and individuals that have been proscribed by UNSC. Mid Last year, FATF had condemned Pakistan for terror financing.

Pakistan To Submit Report on Hafiz Saeed and other Terror Groups

Last year, FATF had asked Islamabad to submit a report showing all actions taken against LeT and JuD. During the upcoming FATF meeting, the report will be taken up and Pakistan’s efforts towards eliminating funding for Hafiz Saeed and other groups will be evaluated.

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India had raised the issue of Pakistan aiding terror groups at the ICRG meeting last year. At the previous FATF meeting, China was outnumbered when all other member nation supported India. Although China opposed the submission report, FATF was firm on its decision.

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