Monday, June 5, 2023

Hermes 900 – The Indo-Israeli Drone To Counter Pakistan’s 5th Generation MALE Drones

How will Ebit Hermes 900 compete against Pakistans MALE drones? Israel’s Elbit Systems Ltd in collaboration with India’s Adani Defence and Aerospace launched the first private unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India. This is the first of its kind facility outside Israel to manufacture the Hermes 900 medium-altitude long-endurance UAV.

Experts say New Delhi will now counter Pakistan’s armed drones. According to National Interest, in 2013, Islamabad had acknowledged that its military had developed two drones which it referred to as Burraq and Shahpar. World experts alleged that Pakistan was only able to achieve this without China’s assistance.

Earlier this year, the world watched in alarm when the Centre for the Study of Drone noted it its analysis that “the acquisition of a heavier multi-role drone like the Wing Loong I would allow Pakistan to carry out longer and more complex missions than it can with its current fleet of unmanned systems.” Furthermore, in July 2017, Pakistan’s Air Force announced that it was developing a domestically built fifth-generation fighter, medium altitude long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and munitions under a new program it called Project Azm.

Now, India with Israel’s assistance has come up with its very own drone manufacturing facility. The President and Chief Executive Officer of Elbit Systems, Bezhalel Machilis told the media that “this facility where the Hermes 900 (MALE) and the Hermes 450 considered the most advanced UAV systems in the world – will be manufactured, is in line with the Indian government’s strategic plan and enables us to share our extensive experience in defence systems and benefit from the dedicated Indian workforce.”

According to Financial Express, the factory will manufacture complete carbon composite aerostructures for Hermes 900, followed by Hermes 450, catering to the global markets. It will be further ramped up for the assembly and integration of complete UAVs.

The director of Adani Enterprises Pavan Adani said: “our foray into defence and aerospace is a critical milestone for the trusted and strategic relationship between India and Israel.”

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