Monday, April 19, 2021

India Completes Construction Of Strategic Road Project in Bhutan

India-Bhutan relations hit another high as India completed the construction of a strategic road in Bhutan. The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) of India completed a 30 km road that connects Bhutan’s capital Thimphu to a border town named Pheuntshogling. The Damchu- Chukha road has been constructed at a cost of INR 287 crores under India assisted development projects in Bhutan.

Under the cordial bilateral ties between India and Bhutan, India has undertaken the funding of several development and infrastructure projects in Bhutan including key projects in the power sector. Bhutan’s Prime Minister hailed this road as being a great symbol of the friendship between India and Bhutan. He said that this road will celebrate the strategic partnership between India and Bhutan.

Given its geographical location, Bhutan is of immense strategic significance to India and hence India has made sure that its relations with Bhutan stay healthy and intact. Bhutan too has always reciprocated the affection and cordiality extended by New Delhi. Even during the Doklam Standoff between India and China last year Bhutan openly supported India and proved its allegiance towards New Delhi.

The Bhutan PM had visited India recently and the two nations resolved to take their exemplary friendship to new heights. The new road will reduce the journey time between Thimphu and Pheuntshogling by one hour and reduce the distance between the two by 19.5 kilometres of a steep drive. This road has been built through challenging terrains given the rough mountainous features in the area.

The road was laid after removing 2500 meters of hard rock layers and then crisscrossed through the most challenging terrains which did not have any access to them before this road was built. The road was built by Dantak which is a part of the Border Roads Organisation of India and has been working in Bhutan since 1961. The road is of high strategic importance to Bhutan.

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