Monday, January 18, 2021

Major Reforms Proposed For Indian Army Including Celebrating Events Like ‘Kargil Victory Day’ With Less Fervor

The Indian Express has published a critical report related to some major changes in the Indian Army. The report, coincidently, comes at a time when the Indian Army is deeply engaged in the Ladakh region in a bitter confrontation with Chinese PLA troops.

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According to the report, the Government of India has proposed several changes to ‘reduce expenditure’ and ‘better use of resources’ of the army. The newspaper says that this has created a stir in the army.

The proposal includes closing the Army Day celebrations to be held on 15 January (Army Day), closing the parade of individual regiments to be held on 9 October, closing private mess for military officers and closing the CSD canteens.

These suggestions are part of a report prepared in the wake of a review of the Army’s internal system. The proposal called for a reduction in the number of army bands, pipes and drums used in the Republic Day and Beating Retreat Ceremony from 30 to 18.



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