Thursday, April 22, 2021

Malaysia, Russia Lead, India Disappoints in Emerging Market Rankings by Bloomberg

Malaysia, Russia and China dominated the ranking of emerging market countries by Bloomberg while India was ranked at a disappointing 12th Place. According to the list published on Wednesday by Bloomberg, the first place was obtained by Malaysia, followed by Russia and China.

A comparative indicator of the current situation and prospects for economic development of 20 emerging market countries was calculated based on such factors as the forecast of GDP growth in 2018 and 2019, the state of the current account, sovereign credit rating, foreign exchange reserves, the state of equity and bond markets.

The total score reflecting these indicators, Russia six months ago rose from 0.88 to 2.36, which allowed the Russian Federation to take the second position. Turkey fell in the ranking from the fifth to the last, 20th place. The third place in the current ranking is taken by China (fourth place half a year ago), the fourth – the Philippines (second year earlier), the fifth – Colombia (15th), the sixth – Thailand (11th), the seventh – Poland (sixth), the eighth – Mexico (12th), ninth – Chile (13th), tenth – South Korea (eighth).

Bloomberg notes that four of the six countries currently occupying the top positions in the ranking are from the Asian region. The agency writes that these countries have a positive current account surplus, relatively high GDP growth rates, and low inflation. This strengthens their position in the face of uncertainty created by the prospect of raising the key rate in the US, which is fraught with the risk of capital outflows from emerging markets.

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