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Media Fuelling Hatred Between India and Pakistan Over Kashmir

Is media in India and Pakistan igniting hatred and hostility between two nations especially over the Kashmir issue? Countries and governments for ages have used the media as a tool to promote their ideologies and safeguard their interests. They also use media in propaganda and counter-propaganda operations in peace and war.

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The same is for India and Pakistan with both using their media to blame the other. Al Jazeera rightly stated that media in both countries have a big story to cover, with airwaves abuzz as rhetoric on both sides get ratcheted up higher and higher.

On both sides of the border, the media, especially the broadcast media are taking sides with their respective countries and governments, making the other enemy and spreading propaganda.

Talk of war becomes etched in the hearts of the common citizens, creating a sense of uncertainty and fear. And most of all, the people of India cannot hear or see what is being broadcast in Pakistan, and the people of Pakistan are not aware of what’s being said in India. They are consuming different news and information about the same events.

Rajesh Bhat who is working in the Policy Division of the Directorate of All India Radio (AIR) New Delhi highlighted in his research, ‘Radio Kashmir – In Times of Peace and War’ that Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television have been sparing good chunk of time on anti-India programmes.

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“Pakistan has been resorting to malicious propaganda in a bid to project the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India as ‘invalid’ and playing with the religious sentiments of the majority Muslim community of J&K by trying to brainwash them that their future was not safe with India and her Hindu rulers.”

He further stated that Pakistan has been doing it in a bid to camouflage its territorial ambitions as it wants to annex J&K for which the country has fought four wars.

The media should report the facts and information as it is without being bias or taking sides. The problem is that most media persons are not able to separate fact from propaganda. And this leads to more tensions and conflicts between the two countries.

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