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Why are French People Unhappy with President Macron?



More than half of the citizens of France are dissatisfied with President Macron. This is evidenced by the latest poll conducted by the French Institute for the Study of Public Opinion for a leading newspaper.

A total of 57% of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with President Macron. Thus, the new data indicate the continuation of the fall in the rating of the president of the country – in this case, by 14 points in comparison with the data of the Institute for the last month. In July, the level of confidence in the president fell by 10 percentage points.

As the results of the new study showed, the fall in the rating of the current head of state since May of this year turned out to be more significant than the decline in popularity of former President Francois Hollande, noted earlier in the same period.

In addition, the survey showed a drop in the level of popularity of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe by nine points compared to the data for July 2017. The survey was conducted online and by phone on August 25 and 26 among more than a thousand French people.

Can President Macron Turnaround France?

About 60% of the French think that President Macron, during his five-year presidential term, can change the situation in the country for the better according to a survey.

Meanwhile, half of the French believe that it is premature to give President Macron an early assessment The study also showed that about a third of respondents were disappointed with the first steps of the French leader. At the same time, 73% of French people celebrate the president’s energetic style, according to another research. The survey was conducted on August 22-23 via the Internet. More than a thousand people over the age of 18 took part in it.

On August 22, 100 days have passed since Makron took office as head of state. According to the results of the second round of the presidential elections, which took place on May 7, the candidate from the movement “On the March” received 66% of the vote. A few weeks ago, the President Macron topped the annual rating of the most influential people under 40 by the version of Fortune magazine, ahead of the Facebook czar Mark Zuckerberg.




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