Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Russia Ready To Modernise India-Operated Aircraft Involving Third Party Vendors: Official

Russia is willing to modernise A-50EI airborne early warning and control aircraft operated by India. Russia is ready for modernization even with the engagement of the third countries, said the president of the Russian United Aircraft Corporation.

India To Acquire Deadly HAROP Drones That Crash Into Enemy Targets


While talking about India, Russia, and Israel trilateral agreement to supply the Indian Air Force, the president of the Russian United Aircraft Corporation, Slyusar said: “We are offering different options to India regarding works on AEW&C aircraft. The Indian Air Force operates first three A-50EI aircraft. We are ready to continue work in this area, for example, on the modernization of systems of this type, including with the participation of partners from third countries”.

The three Israeli Phalcon long-range airborne early warning systems allow detecting air targets at a range of up to 400 kilometers (259 miles). These systems are installed on Russia’s Il-76 aircraft. In Russia, AEW&C aircraft for India built on the basis of Il-76 are called A-50EI. The total cost of the agreement was reported at approximately 1.1 billion dollars.

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