Sunday, February 28, 2021

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Russian Fifth-Generation Su-57 Jets Ready To Challenge US’ F-35s, F-22s By End Of 2020

Russia’s newly-organized Aerospace Force, which was officially made operational in 2015 by merging of the Russian Air Force and the Russian Space Force is ready to receive the latest Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets by the fall of 2020.

Rafale Jets Not A ‘Game Changer’; India Still Needs To Catch-Up With China & Pakistan

Speaking to the TASS, Aerospace Force Deputy Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant-General Sergei Dronov said, “Defense enterprises are delivering new aircraft to the Aerospace Force. In 2020, they have already delivered Su-34 and Su-35S combat planes, Yak-130 and L-410UVP-E20 combat training aircraft, Mi-8 and Mi-28 helicopters in various modifications”.

India Lands A Big Blow To China; Wins Major Project In The Maldives

“Until the end of this year, the delivery of Il-76MD-90A and Su-57 aircraft is planned”, he added, informing about the additional procurement of the upgraded heavy transport aircraft.


Interestingly, the report came on Wednesday, when the Russian military pilots observe their professional holiday. August 12 is celebrated as the anniversary of the establishment of Russia’s military aviation branch in 1912, under the Tsarist rule.

India, Russia Could Sign Whopping $15 Billion Inter-Governmental Defence Agreements

The Su-57 is the Russian answer to the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 jets. The aircraft is capable of supercruising at Mach 1.6, however, only one serial production aircraft has been built (other than 10 test prototypes) and the design is yet to prove itself in the battlefield.

The report also stated that an order of 76 Su-57 aircraft had been placed by the Russian Defense Ministry earlier.

TASS also reported that the Russian Defense Ministry has commenced working on the ‘aerodome network’, for which the repairs shall be completed at 14 airfields by this year and with an ambitious plan of expanding the numbers to more than 100 by 2027.

US To Equip Three Asian Countries With Stealth F-35 Jets Against China

Speaking about the ‘aerodome’, Sergei Dronov said, “In the first place, the works will be carried out at the aerodromes for advanced missile-carrying aircraft, the combat duty of strategic missile-carrying bombers, including in the Arctic zone, and the airfields of operational-tactical aviation”.

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