Monday, January 30, 2023

UN Says Violations, Torture, Detentions Rampant in Kashmir; India Slams UN Report

The UN Office of High Commission for Human Rights produced a report on the human rights violations that is rampant within the region. India has publicly denied these allegations to be “false, with a motivated narrative”. Kashmiri people have been given a raw deal as they are caught in the crossfire between administrative impunity and utter disregard by the political machinery in the region.

Indian Diplomat From Jammu & Kashmir Rips-Apart Pakistan at UN For State Sponsored Terrorism

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) accused the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for grossly undermining the work of the security forces battling in the region. The Ministry suggested that the UN has, with this report, sought to legitimise terror. In the statement released by the MEA, it says, “It is a…contrived effort to create an artificial parity between the world’s largest and most vibrant democracy and a country that openly practices state-sponsored terrorism”.

There have been many such reports on the subject matter of human right being violated in the Valley. Many cases have been referred to in this report and indicate gross abuse of power in the region. The UN has accused the armed forces of using excessive force as a medium of containment. The abuse is found to occur in the form of torture, detentions, arbitrary questioning and harassment and internet shutdowns. The region is crawling with instances of impunity wherein there have been very visible cases of extrajudicial killings, disappearances and even custodial abuse and death.

Blood Will Continue To Flow in Kashmir Until Genuine Demands Not Met: Unpatronized Analysis

The latest report continues to walk the line of serious implications and a list of violations that India has committed in the Valley and refuses to take responsibility. India has, since the 2018 UNHRC report, refused to engage in dialogue with the UN and does not wish to consider the recommendations. The Indian administration finds the report to be completely fallacious and debased of value.

“Motivated attempts to weaken national resolve will never succeed”, commented New Delhi as the UN report on Jammu and Kashmir stands debunked. The complete refusal to comment on the allegations does not bode well for the Indian administration. There are many legal questions within the report that needs to be assuredly answered if not for the sake of the international community but at least for the people of Kashmir whose lives lay waste daily.

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