Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Gwadar Wins, But Balochistan in Shambles Thanks To CPEC Project: Report

Will CPEC Project Really Help Build Balochistan? The Balochistan government is in shock ever since it found out that no progress has been made in the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects outside Gwadar.

The CPEC Cell gave the Balochistan cabinet a brief on the progress of the CPEC projects on Monday. According to Dawn Newspaper, the major revelation was that all projects connected with the western route have seen no progress whatsoever.

“And the overall size of the portfolio of CPEC projects in Balochistan is minuscule where less than nine per cent of the total committed, around $5.5 billion, is for the province and less than $1 billion has been spent in four years.”

Earlier this month, CPEC Projects Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan expressed concerns over the slow progress. “The provincial government is still ‘blinded’ regarding what exactly exists in CPEC for Balochistan calling more earnest efforts towards CPEC related development projects.”

He said Balochistan might have gained major objectives from China’s One Belt One Road Initiative but still, we have time, therefore, we must utilize our utmost efforts to provide speedy relief to the people of Balochistan.”

In Monday’s meeting the cabinet members, as per Dawn reports, described the CPEC spending as a ‘joke’. “In the energy sector, the cabinet was informed that the current shortfall of 700MW in the province means that all the new power injected into the grid as a result of CPEC power projects has not found its way to Balochistan and that Makran Division has still not been connected to the natural grid.”

The cabinet was also informed about no progress being made to the roads of the western route outside of Gwadar. “More than half of the Balochistan component of the western route is still not officially part of the CPEC agenda.”

The Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan in October during his China visit had said if Balochistan is prospered, it will bring prosperity to the whole country.

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