Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Indian Army Busts Massive Arms Dump In Kashmir Near The LoC

As reported by the PTI, the Indian Army has recovered a massive arms dump in Jammu and Kashmir. The Indian Armed Forces on Thursday night unearthed an arms dump in the Mendhar region of J&K. The arms and ammunition recovered even include 11 IEDs. This is a major breakthrough which the Indian Army has made in its fight against terror in Kashmir. 

Not just the IEDs, but Pakistani currency, 2 AK 56 assault rifles with 26 magazines, 3 pistols with 63 rounds, three rocket-propelled grenades and four made in China hand grenades were seized. The recovery was made by the Indian Army from a forest area in the vicinity of the Line of Control. The 11 IEDs were fitted in tiffin boxes and 20 detonators were also recovered. These arms were smuggled from across the border and were then kept in this dump so that the terrorists can use them later.

Pakistani Currency Found in Dump

Pakistani currency with a worth of Rs 16,500 was also recovered from the arms dump. Along with this a compass, two map sheets, seven communication sets, a code sign and other things too were recovered from the busted arms dump. This operation turned out to be a major success for the Indian Armed Forces. But does the recovery of Pakistani currency testify the theory of Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir? Chinese grenades too will raise some eyebrows among the Indian Security forces.
As India-Israel Defence Relations further enhance under PM Modi, India is all use Israeli CIBMS Border Management System, to protect its borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh. The DG of the BSF announced that the Indian will soon use a Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) along 2400 km stretch of India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh border, which is used by countries like Israel and the United States.

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