Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Pakistan Army Warns India of ‘Surprise Attacks’ if India Imposes War on Pakistan

Pakistan Army says it does not want war with India, but if India starts an offensive against Pakistan, Islamabad will have no choice but to retaliate hard. Director General Inter-Services Public Relations, Major General Ghafoor said the response of Pakistan Army will be different from Indian expectations, as we are a battle-hardened army and know the capabilities of New Delhi very well.

Turkey Rejects Indian Allegations on Pulwama Attack: Pakistan Media

The DG ISPR said Pakistan has already clarified that it has nothing to do with Pulwama attack, as the attacker, explosive devices, and planning were indigenous. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan has already offered India to provide concrete evidence, if any, regarding the attack, and Pakistan will take decisive action, not due to any external pressure, but in its own interest.

He said Prime Minister also offered India to hold talks even on the issue of terrorism, which is a scourge for the whole region and detrimental to peace.

He expressed the hope that India will respond to this offer in a positive way and should not become a hindrance in the way of development and progress of the region. The DG ISPR questioned as to how Pakistan could have any link to this issue, when there were eight significant events for Pakistan both at home and abroad.

Saudi Crown Prince was visiting, there was a discussion due on terror listing in the UNSC, Afghan peace talks were ongoing and there were developments in the European Union and the United Nations on human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir. There was also the hearing in International Court of Justice regarding Kulbhushan Jadhav, the FATF hearing, a meeting on Kartarpur border as well as PSL matches.

Experts Predict Brutal Crush of Militancy in Kashmir; No Attack on Pakistan

Major General Asif Ghafoor said apart from this, there is an election campaign in India, and the freedom struggle in Occupied Kashmir is at its peak and out of India’s hands. The DG ISPR said the biggest danger to regional peace is the unresolved issue of Kashmir.

He said people in Kashmir have reached to such a point where they are no more fearful of death. He said India needs retrospect to this situation and come to the dialogue table to resolve the issue peacefully.

He said India’s claim of the biggest democracy in the world cannot be true due to its worst human rights abuses in Jammu and Kashmir. Ghafoor said democracies do not go to war, and both the countries can move forward on the path of development and peace.

Imran Khan Offers Olive Branch To Delhi; Says Pakistan Had No Reason To Attack India

He said if India is serious in peace, stability and prosperity of the region, it should stop sending likes of Kulbhushan to Pakistan. Regarding Pakistan’s fight against terrorism, Major General Asif Ghafoor said Pakistan has achieved calm and stability after hardwork and numerous successes of the security forces against militancy and it can ill afford any distraction.

He said security forces have effectively averted many terrorist attacks in intelligence based operations. He said fencing along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan is continuing, which has proved effective in illegal crossings.

Ghafoor appreciated Pakistani media for its cautious and careful reporting regarding Pulwama attack, which is significantly in contrast with the war journalism, the India media has been conducting.

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