Monday, April 19, 2021

Pakistan Has Deployed Its Soldiers In Azerbaijan To Fight Armenia – Armenian Media

Pakistan has allegedly deployed its army to the war-torn region of Nagorno-Karabakh to fight Armenia alongside Azerbaijani troops, claimed an Armenian news report citing telephonic conversation between two civilians.

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According to FreeNews.AM, the following conversation took place that revealed the presence of Pakistani Army in Azerbaijan.

“How can we write? I don’t have money. We are fine, don’t worry, 7-8 villages were liberated, don’t be afraid,” said a second civilian. “Yes. I know. I have seen on Instagram that Fizuli, Agdam have been liberated from occupation. Our side says that we have also taken Mrav mountain.

What’s wrong with the internet, why doesn’t it work?” the first civilian asked. The second one said that their ministry has turned it off. “As a lot of things happen here, people get in touch with Armenians, that’s why they have turned it off.”

On being asked whether the shooting is taking place in the second civilian’s region, he said, “on Agdam’s side. They have gathered Pakistani soldiers and have taken them towards Agdam.”

Imran Khan and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Pakistan is the second country, apart from Turkey, that recognised Azerbaijan’s sovereignty in 1991. Ties between Islamabad and Ankara have been strengthened as the latter has been openly supporting Pakistan’s stance on the Kashmir issue. 

Perhaps, the alleged presence of Pakistani troops points to Islamabad reciprocating Turkey for its support on the Kashmir issue by lending the Pakistani military support in Ankara’s misadventure in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict.

Ankara has been supportive of Azerbaijan claim on the conflicted region of Armenian-controlled Karabakh. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Armenia for the attack calling to immediately end the occupation of Azerbaijani territories.

“Turkey continues to stand with the friendly and brotherly Azerbaijan with all its facilities and heart,” he said. Any imposition or offer other than ending the occupation “will not only be unjust and unlawful but continue to spoil Armenia,” Erdogan added.

Meanwhile, Armenian President Armen Sarkissian has confirmed the presence of Turkish personnel, advisers, mercenaries and also their F-16s in the region.

“Unfortunately, I have to declare that NATO member Turkey is fully supporting now Azerbaijan through its electronic drones – through cyber-attacks. But it’s not only that. Turkey is supporting Azerbaijan also through their personnel, advisers, mercenaries and also with their F-16s,” he said.

Armenian ambassador to Russia has further claimed that Turkey has sent about 4,000 fighters from Syria, however, Azerbaijan has rejected the claim.

“Rumors of militants from Syria allegedly being redeployed to Azerbaijan is another provocation by the Armenian side and complete nonsense,” an aide to Azerbaijani President Ilhan Aliyev told Reuters. 

The tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia soared on Sunday morning when deadly attacks and shelling started in Nagorno-Karabakh. The long-standing dispute took a violent turn and both the sides have blamed each other for the escalation. 

According to a statement by the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry, as many as 2,300 Armenian soldiers have been killed or wounded, and about 130 tanks and other armoured vehicles, 200 artillery and rocket systems, 25 air defence systems, six command and observation posts, five ammunition depots and 55 vehicles destroyed since the outbreak of the conflict. 

On the other side, Armenia has claimed a total of 790 Azerbaijani servicemen have been killed and as many as 1,900 soldiers injured, said Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a representative of the country’s Defence Ministry, adding that the Armenian army destroyed 137 tanks and armoured vehicles, 72 UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), seven helicopters and one aircraft of the Azerbaijan army during the battles.

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